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Clarinet Bell Lyre Double Sprung

A good quality lyre for your clarinet that has a very strong spring which ensures your music is firmly held in place.Felt lining to protect your instrument. Clamps firmly onto the bell. Height from stem 3.5 inches . Width at widest point 2" inches. Nickel plated.

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Price: £19.99   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Standard Trumpet/Cornet Lyre

Standard lyre for Trumpet or cornet. Brass or Chrome Finish.

No Postage to U.K destinations.

Price: £6.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Trumpet/cornet Lyre (Double Sprung)

Two arms supported by two strong springs keeps your music in place. Bent at the bottom so you just slot ity into the Lyre box on your instrument. Hieght from stem 6 1/2 inches and width on widest part 2 3/4 inches. Brass Lacquered only at the moment.

No Postage for U.K destinations.
Price: £15.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Flute extendable lyre

Two piece adjustable clamp on lyre. Clamps onto the top of head joint. Height of music holder 3" inches and about 2 " inches wide. Maximum distance from eyes about 10" inches. Nickel platted. Adjustable.
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No postage to U.K destinations.

Price: £18.99   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Trombone Bell Clamp Lyre Black Nickel

Large Lyre which screws on bell, Two strong sprung levers for holding music, felt lined clamps which snugly fits onto bell.
Come in a rather attractive and unusual Black Nickel Finish, which would work quite well with either a Lacquered or Silver plated instrument equally well.


Price: £19.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Budget Saxophone Lyre

Saxophone Lyre. Lacquered finish.

Free Postage for any U.K destination
Price: £6.99   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Saxophone lyre

Saxophone Lyre. Two double sprung levers to give it extra strength and stability with plenty of width for holding your music. Length of stem 7.5" inches Bent in Two places .Total length 10" inches. Width 2. 3/4" inches. Brass Lacquered Suitable for all saxes.

Price: £15.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Straight lyre (Double Sprung)

Two strong arms secured by two strong spring keep your music in place. Length of stem 5 1/2 inches
Overall length 9"

Lacquered finish only.

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No Postage for U.K destinations.

Price: £14.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Trumpet bell Clamp lyre

Screws on bell
2 levers
Felt lined to protect bell
Nickel platted.
Two levers.
Double Sprung.

No Postage for U.K destinations.

Price: £19.99   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Tuba lyre, nickel plated

Tuba Lyre. Extra strong spring holds the two strong armed clamps in place. Total Length 10" inches width 3.5 inches. Length of stem 6 " inches. Comes in Brass Lacquered Finish or Nickel plated.

Price: £21.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Budget Trumpet/Cornet.Lyre (Bent. lac or n/plate)

Budget Lyre for Trumpet or Cornet. Bent at the bottom . Just slote it into the lyre box on your instrument. Comes in either Brass or Nickel.

No Postage for U.K destinations.

Price: £6.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Standard 8 inch Long straight Lyre .Brass Lacquered.

You can use and adapt this rather long lyre for a wide range of instruments. Strong spring and clip holds music in place. Suitable for those situations when you need that extra length. Sousaphone for example Comes in either Lacquered or nickal platted depending on availability.

No Postage for U.K destinations
Price: £7.99   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Standard Strait Lyre 4 "

Strait Lyre which can be used for a number of instruments. Strong spring hold your music in place. Has a 4 inch stem but over all length 6 inches. Nickel platted or brass, subject to availability. Comes in either Nickel or Lacquered finish but are unfortunately subject to availability so can not guarantee which one I will be able to send you.

No Postage for any U.K destination.

Price: £5.99   plus UK shipping: £0.00  
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