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Buisson Wooden Bb Oboe

Buisson Wooden Oboe. With thumb plate . Open hole. No chips , cracks or pinning. Has been through the workshop , The body has been oiled Keys oiled regulated.Pads etc . all in good working order. Keys are blemished and worn I am afraid but it is to be expected from an older instrument. Nice easy blower so should suit a student. Comes with hard case, 2 reeds, and two pull through cloths.



Howarth S2 Wooden Oboe

Serial no 2332 Second Hand Howarth's S2 Oboe. No cracks, splits, chips or pinning. Has been overhauled. This is a Professional or intermediate instrument. The body of the Howarth S2 is thinner than most modern Oboes making it an easy blower. Comes with Hard case, cleaning mop, small adjusting screwdriver. Serial number is 2332


Romilly Rudall Carte Wooden Oboe. Model A

Serial no 360258 Romilly Rudall Carte Model A oboe wooden bodied oboe , Thumb Plate. Keys are a little tarnished but not that bad really.Has been serviced so is in good working order. Nice easy blower. Would be perfect for a student. Comes with a new reed and a Brand new case.


Boosey & Hawkes Regent Oboe.

Serial no 818861 Regent plastic bodied Oboe, With thumb plate Has been serviced so is grease in full working order. Keys are a tiny bit tarnished and worn in places but on the whole, not bad. Would be perfect for student, which is what Boosey & Hawkes designed these for. come with a hard case and I will throw in a brand new reed and some cork grease.


Huller Bassoon

Bassoon made by German company called Huller who are also known for their excellent oboes. This is a superb instrument designed for the intermediate or student player. No cracks no chips or pinning. The finish is in great condition. The keys are showing signs of wear though, as one may expect from an older instrument. Has lined tone holes, bird fitted, Also comes with hard case and some cork grease. Provided you live in the U.K It is possible I can arrange for you to try it out on approval first. Ask for details.


Linton Plastic bodied Bassoon

Linton plastic bodied Bassoon Student model. In excellent condition. Keyswork nice and clean, Pads all fine. Has been serviced. Is a nice easy player so would be perfect for a beginner.Comes with a brand new backpack case and there is a crooke or Bocal, if you like. I will also throw in a reed .

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Price: £1195.00   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Huller Full Conservatoire Wooden Oboe. With Thumb plate

Huller Conservatoire Wooden Oboe. Has all the bells and whistles so to speak. It has been fitted with a Thumb plate to make it easier. Also has  Fully Automatic Octaves,Fork F,Bananna Key,B/C # trill key,F Lever   Etc. Has been  totally re padded,re corked and overhauled by an Oboe Specialist.    This is a high standard instrument and  would most likely best  suite an advanced player  or   maybe a player  who was   no longer an  intermediate  and wanted to improve and upgrade. Has no cracks,splits,chipped tone holes  or pinning.  Plating  on Keys in pristine condition
Price: £1649.00   plus UK shipping: £0.00  
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