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Lee Oskar Harmonica in Harmonic Minor

This multi-cultural harmonic is designed to play TRADITIONAL ETHNIC MUSIC MINOR Eastern European, Gypsy, Yiddish, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian and European / American folk music as well as various sections of Jazz and classic show tunes can be played easily with this harmonica. Available in twelve Keys. Replacement reeds in every key.

Some keys are out of stock. Please Specify the key you are after.

Price: £29.99   plus UK shipping: £3.50  

Lee Oskar major diatonic harmonica

1910 The major diatonic is the most commonly used for playing blues, rock, country, folk and jazz. Fourteen Keys in all including High G and Low F.

Free Postage to any U.K destinations.

Price: £32.99   plus UK shipping: £3.50  

Lee Oskar Natural Minor Harmonica

1910N Natural Minor
Lee Oskar Natural Minor gives you a very bluesy soulful sound that is perfect for playing minor blues, such as Rock, Country, Reggae, Pop and Jazz. This Fabulous tuning is set up to play minor music easily, without straining the lips, the lungs or the mind. All of the notes and chords for playing minor blues are right there on the Natural minor harmonica Available in 12v keys . This is the traditional tuning with ten holes.
Replacement reeds available.

Price: £32.99   plus UK shipping: £3.50  
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