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Pair of Boosey & Hawkes Edgeware Bb & "A" Wooden Clarinets

Pair of Boosey & Hawkes wooden Edgewares Bb & "A " clarinets. Both have been through my workshop. Neither has any cracks in the body or been pinned, no chips etc. Both have been have been serviced recently . They both have have a rich fruity sound. Perfect for someone an intermediate player looking to upgrade. Comes with one mouth piece, ligature and cap, and double case. I am afraid I do not know the age of these instruments and I do not think they are an original pair though because the logos on the two bells do not match. However the serial numbers are :-
207962 & 273492. comes with case, 2 mouthpieces, Lig & Caps.
If you live in the U.K I can arrange for you to have these lovely clarinets on approval. In order to give them a test drive, so to speak. Please ask for details.
Provided you are resident in the U.K I can send these to you on approval. Please ask for details.


I may consider perhaps splitting these under certain circumstances.
Please inquire.
Price: £699.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Selmer Console Bb Wooden clarinet

A very nice clean instrument. Nickel platted keys. No cracks , chips, Pinning etc. Nice little player. Has been serviced and is all in good working order. Comes with a case, a mouthpiece etc.
Serial number is :- 3042


Price: £349.00   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Selmer Signet Special. Bb Wooden clarinet Serial no 27124

Here we have a Selmer Signet Special Bb. All wood. These clarinets do not come my way very often so I would snap this up if I were you. It does not have any cracks, Chip tone holes , Pinning or anything like that. The keywork is in excellent condition. A little worn here and there as one may expect from a classic Clarinet. Quite a delightful instrument all in all. I am also throwing in a brand new case.
If you live in the U.K I could let you try it out on approval.

Free Postage U.K only.
Price: £495.00   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Pair Of Wooden Marigaux Clarinets A / Bb

Beautiful pair of professional wooden Marigaux Clarinets.
Bb and A. Both have had the keys re silver plated. Followed by a complete overhaul using brown leather pads. Consequently you have a pair of excellent high calibre instruments. Comes with two mouthpieces, Ligatures and caps. Plus a brand new double clarinet case that has backpack straps.

1,495.00 ONO
Price: £1495.00   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Buisson Wooden "A" Clarinet

Buisson Wooden "A" clarinet. Full working order. Nickel Keys. No cracks, splits chips or pinning. Nice Tone. Nice easy player. Comes with mouthpiece, Lig and cap. Plus the benefit of a brand new double pack pack clarinet case.
Price: £349.95   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Second Hand Pair of "A" & Bb Concorde Wooden Clarinets

Pair of Concorde "A" & Bb wooden clarinets. .Neither have cracks Splits, Chips or pinning. Both have been serviced and are in full working order. Platting is in good order, maybe a little wear here and there but nothing to worry about. I have overhauled them both That is to say I cleaned, oiled, re corked, re padded them both with brown leather pads etc and now they are all ready to go. Ideal for someone looking for a pair of "A" & Bb clarinets for a reasonable price. Comes with hard case, Both have mouthpiece lig and cap.

Price: £499.99   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Boosey & Hawkes Imperial 625

The Imperial was regarded as the next one up from the Emperor in the Boosey & Hawkes series of clarinets. Well they don't make any of those anymore. Nice clean instrument with silver platted keys which you will see from the photos show a little sign of wear except a bit of wear on the crows feet area. No pinning no chips, no cracks. Not a bad instrument. Comes with mouthpiece , lig and cap etc. I will throw in a brand new case. If you buy this one.
The serial no is :- 435681
Price: £595.00   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Selmer Signet Special wooden Bb cl;arinet

190364 This is the Selmer Signet Special. I have re padded it with brown leather pads and re corked it, oiled the body and keys. In other words it has been given a complete overhaul. There are no cracks, chips and no pinning on the main body or bell of the clarinet. However, I wish to point out that the bell appears to have received an excellent repair sometime in the past but not by me. Whoever did it , well all I can say is excellent work. must have been a very good repairer. Well done. Even so. I have thrown in a second barrel anyway, not that it is really necessary but I am that kind of Guy. Talking of free gifts I am throwing in a brand new case. A nice compact one in fact. The keys are silver platted and over all are in pretty good condition. There is a bit of visible wear on a couple of keys but not much. It is an excellent instrument and well worth considering if you are an intermediate player looking to upgrade from a standard student instrument. For those whose might be looking for a second or spare instrument then look no further.
Price: £349.00   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Noblet Bb Clarinet all wood.

A wooden Noblet all wooden clarinet . A good example of Noblet clarinets at there best. No cracks, pinning ,or chipped tone holes. Nickel plated keys are a bit tarnished as one might expect for a vintage clarinet like this. Has just been overhauled , oiled , re padded etc. Plays beautifully. Come with a Noblet ebonite mouthpiece, berg Larson Ligature. and a cap. plus it also comes in a brand new case.
Provided you are in the U.K I could send it to you on approval.
Shipping is free in the U.K.
Serial number on this one is B11668

Price: £495.00   plus UK shipping: £0.00  

Boosey & Hawkes Emperor "A" Clarinet

Serial number 454267 In full working order having been through my workshop. No cracks splits, chips or pinning. Keys in excellent condition. Nice mellow sound. Comes in a double case so there is a space for your Bb . Also comes with a decent mouthpiece plus a Rovner Lig & Cap. There are a few reeds as well.

Just click on picture to enlarge. There are four for you to look at
Price: £549.00   plus UK shipping: £0.00  
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