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Hiscox protective cases for musical instruments.

Hiscox cases was started in 1985 by Bryann Hiscox, a qualified engineer and a professional instrument maker.  Dissatisfaction with available cases drove him to use his engineering skills to develop a new breed of low weight hard-shell cases, and the "Liteflite" case was born.  The company is now the largest manufacturer of instrument cases in the UK, with production exceeding 2000 cases per month and 30 different case types being sold world-wide.  Using a unique composite double moulded construction, all Hiscox Liteflite cases give unparalleled protection from a lightweight case.


Size for size the lightest hard-shell cases available.
Weight for weight the toughest hard-shell cases available

Crush Strength

Made from a high impact ABS plastic outer shell bonded to an inner moulding manufactured from a unique blend of high-tech cellular foam, the Hiscox Liteflite case has incredible structural rigidity and will resist distortion even with the weight of an 85kg person standing on it.

Hardware Fixing

Hiscox Liteflite cases incorporate a custom designed aluminium valance which extends into the base and lid.  All catches, hinges, D-rings and main handle are riveted through the plastic outer shell and into this aluminium rim, adding to the strength and longevity.  This valance design not only increases the rigidity of the case, but ensures a positive location of lid to base when the case is closed.

Inner Moulding

The inner moulding is a semi-rigid, cellular foam which is soft enough to cushion the most delicate of instrument yet firm enough to provide incredible structural rigidity.  This unique foam moulding is actually created within the shell and achieves an absolute chemical bond to both the ABS and the internal cloth as it forms.  There are no gaps or air pockets between the inner moulding and the outer shell.  The chemical bonding will not break down in normal use thus maintaining the rigidity of the case for many years.

Zero deformation on inner moulding cloth line - following severe crushing on outsideThe case structure has been designed to provide high shock absorption, so that on impact, the outer shell will "give" or progressively collapse similar to modern car bumpers.

The inner moulding exhibits superb insulation properties, thereby helping to protect your instrument from extreme temperature changes.

All Hiscox Liteflite cases have a THREE YEAR GUARANTEE against faulty workmanship and materials

Each case has been designed to support a particular style/type of instrument.  All internal dimensions are subject to extensive research and the finished internal mouldings are checked against a range of actual instruments.  However, because there are many different manufacturers producing similar instrument types, there are inevitable variations in sizes and angles etc, from instrument to instrument.  We therefore cannot guarantee a perfect "hand in glove" fit for every instrument, but we can often accommodate awkward sized instruments within our range without detriment to the high level of protection the Liteflite case offers.  Please contact us for details.

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